All the small things. 

Today I feel so happy and just in tune with life. I know it sounds so soppy, but I’m trying to take time out to appreciate the things that make me smile but not necessarily would be noted for more than a fleeting moment. 

One of these was spotting some rabbits in a field on the way to work. Usually on the trip I’d be on my phone or trying to nap. But a few days ago I was sitting with an elderly couple. I had moved seats so they could sit facing forward and I sat backwards. It was nothing to me but meant a lot to them as she got really motion sick if she didn’t face the way she was going. Anyway we got talking and they started pointing out the different fields and different wildlife. We saw herons, rabbits, badger and and a few foxes. And they were beautiful. Seeing them today made me smile because sometimes your heart needs the most innocent of pleasures.