I don’t care if you think I’m selfish 

Today an acquaintance (at most) called me really selfish. Why? Because I turned down a offer to go to a place I had zero interest in going. I couldn’t of gone anyway as I had a uni lecture and I want to spend some time studying. 

But the point was I didn’t want to. It wasn’t some where that interested me and well I didn’t want to. Their response was that I was selfish. 

Am I? I didn’t stop them from going. Should I do something I don’t enjoy just to appease another? In some situations there be a reason to do so. However, I feel that I should be able to say no. I don’t see why I should be made to do things that would not bring enjoyment to my day. I do put myself first in a lot of situations because at the end of the day self care is a must. 

Admittedly this has not always been the case. Once upon a time I would agree to absolutely everything. To the point where I was spending money I didn’t have and triple booking and running myself into the ground trying to keep up with everyone. And I broke. I’ve learnt that it’s just not feasible. It’s ok to say no. And I understand if you say no too.