Real Fruit VS Plastic Fruit

A while ago I was having a browse through the old FaceyB and Twitter and it seemed as every male was lusting over some celebrity or another. Now I am the first to admit I do appreciate a little beauty but I am a firm believer in personality so the fact that celebrities can be deemed as ‘perfect’ and ‘dream woman’ actually really annoyed. As a person who is reasonably accepting of their looks (or at least confident enough to leave the house without makeup on every day) I find it really degrading that women are constantly compared to those with photoshop, personal chefs, personal trainers and enough money to be besties with plastic surgeons.

(picture as a comparison between me and the mens favoured celeb. I have nothing against her, just the mens attitudes)




So after my little rant, most men seemed confused by my little rant. They did not seem to understand how it gets girls down by knowing men prefer something that we will more than likely never achieve and were put out by being “second best.” Then one of them the analogy that women are like fruit. Liking celebrities is similar to liking plastic fruit. They are aesthetically beautiful, in proportion and smooth to the touch. However, they are hollow on the inside and do not really serve a purpose.  Image 


Whereas on the other hand, real women are like real fruit. None of them are the same, some are smooth, bumpy, rounder, bruised or sweeter than others. However, they are all good for you and well they’re real. Only real fruit will give you the taste, flavour and nutrients you want and need. Image

This comparison actually made me think, maybe it is just women over analysing stuff and our unjust view is just that unjust? Maybe we are whats really wanted and needed! What a positive and empowering moment. And then I remembered people buy fruit with the best of intentions, and then it’s left and forgotten about and eventually tossed out… So I resumed my objection to celebrity idolatry.