Be grateful always

Little cringe and self conscious as a few people walked past as I was recording. But my message is be grateful of all the opportunities you get to travel. I was talking to a older lady on the bus here. She was 80 the first time she was allowed to go out of her village!! She said when her husband was alive he would dictate where she could go who she could go with and how long she could be out for. She’s now in her 90s and the furthest she’s ever travelled is 20 minutes on a train!! We went for a cup of tea and I told her about the places I’ve been and where I would like to go. She told me to tell at least one girl I know to travel far and wide whilst they have the opportunity. I promised her I would. So please everyone be grateful for the opportunities xxxxx​


Do not settle. 

I’ve been at my new job for about 9 weeks now. My manager was asking me yesterday how I was finding it. And honestly? I do really enjoy it. There’s been a few times I’ve had a wobble or it’s been ridiculously frustrating. But as a whole I love it. 

She then joked give it a few more months. And I replied “oh as soon as I don’t enjoy it I will leave. I only do things I enjoy. ”

Her puzzled expression is one I see over and over. I know too many people that work 9-5’s that they hate with abundance. Their lives a count down to a Friday evening. To me, that’s an insane way to live. I would much rather keep looking for something that suits me. 

I’m 26 and this is job 30? Maybe 31. Definitely more than 27. 

Do I feel bad or guilty for wasting opportunities? Not one bit. My happiness is much more important