Saving The World

From a young age, maybe around two or three, I attended church right through until I was about nineteen…. Well until I was just far too hungover and usually the other side of town waking up on some ones settee wondering where on earth I was and sending a quick prayer that I had not done anything I would later regret. This fact surprises most people mainly due to a) my music tastes, b) my support and love for LGBT people and issues and c) I have never preached.

From the age of thirteen I properly discovered rock music, Queen, Rammstein, Aerosmith and most importantly at the time Marilyn Manson. I sported the black lipstick, the piercings and bright pink/black/blue/purple/red/orange hair to go with the ‘look.’

rock n roll

However, I still went to church and I was still accepted into the church community. Why, because I still believed in the Christian ideals. I don’t believe the world was created in six days and Jesus made wine into water, but I do believe that we should all try and be good people and to help others as and when we can.

cake stallCharity. Anything to do with charity, raising funds, raising awareness, helping out, volunteering and I want to be a part of it. I cannot help myself and I feel like such a letdown if I cannot help in some way.  I have organised and taken part in sponsored silences, sponsored walks, bunjee jumps, cake stalls, fayres and fetes all to raise money for different causes. My latest thing is to sign up for a half marathon to raise money for The British Heart Foundation which was done on a whim as an incentive to get fit. All I had to do was pledge to raise a minimum of £400 (if you would like to help out )  As well as fundraising for a charity school abroad (will give more details of this in another post)collection tins

Now in a conversation around charity working and volunteering, I was asked the question ‘Why do all that, it’s not like you can save the world?’

Well the answer was truthfully ‘because I like helping.’ I know I am not going to change the world or discover world peace, but even if I help just one life or a process to help others help others than that’s my accomplishment. Am I doing it to back up brownie points to get into heaven? No, besides any I do gain will be counteracted by the drinking, cursing and my regular indulgence in the seven deadly sins, (Lust chocolate, greed over chocolate and sloth do nothing about it)

Luke 21:1-4

The Widow’s Offering

21 As Jesus looked up, he saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”