And a not sucky date 

So it’s been nearly a month since I posted about my date that sucked. Well since then I was coerced into downloading Tinder. I admit swiping isn’t really my thing as I don’t fancy people at all until I know them. So I decided to swipe on people who I thought I would eventually get to know. 

Maybe that’s what attraction is really. We look for things we have in common. It might be they are wearing a band t shirt we like. That kind of thing can sway a yes or a no. I’m sure there’s probably lots of research into that kind of thing but not the time and place. 

Anyway I swiped right for a few and I went on one or two nice dates. Pleasant conversation but nothing more. And I also went on a really lovely date that has been followed by a few more dates which has now led to me renaming his cat and a mutual appreciation for home made milkshakes. 

All in all things are looking lovely.