Do not settle. 

I’ve been at my new job for about 9 weeks now. My manager was asking me yesterday how I was finding it. And honestly? I do really enjoy it. There’s been a few times I’ve had a wobble or it’s been ridiculously frustrating. But as a whole I love it. 

She then joked give it a few more months. And I replied “oh as soon as I don’t enjoy it I will leave. I only do things I enjoy. ”

Her puzzled expression is one I see over and over. I know too many people that work 9-5’s that they hate with abundance. Their lives a count down to a Friday evening. To me, that’s an insane way to live. I would much rather keep looking for something that suits me. 

I’m 26 and this is job 30? Maybe 31. Definitely more than 27. 

Do I feel bad or guilty for wasting opportunities? Not one bit. My happiness is much more important 


8 thoughts on “Do not settle. 

  1. Totally feel you. I’m 27 and am 8 weeks into my new job – started from the bottom again. Can’t settle on something you spend 85% of your working week at! xo


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