Falling in and out of love with nostalgia.

We all have memories, some may be more defined than others and able to recall with ease. Some may be a bit more of a strain to remember and may not reoccur until somebody else
reminds us of the event. Usually the stronger the memory the more intense the emotion was felt at the time. Usually it is straight forward to understand our reactive emotions: happy, sad, upset, angry, excitable and so on.

For the most part those emotions are justified. It is ok to feel relaxed and elated whilst having a laugh with friends. On the other hand it is ok to feel hurt and upset when something bad happens such as an injury or news of illness. But what happens when the circumstances and context change? Admittedly this scenario is usually down to a change in relationship status. [Read a break up]

Why I will not eat my favourite chocolate.

Firstly, I will admit: I am a chocoholic. I love chocolate, always have and always will. I am not a pernickety chocolate fan and I can easily enjoy a thirty pence supermarket cheapie bar just as well as a New York exclusive Godiva. However, my favourite chocolate in the world is a Cadbury’s Twirl. I used to happily get through a few bars a day and I could genuinely feel the intense chocolate hit through my veins. A few years ago I was seeing someone who would buy me them and just whenever I see the shiny purple wrapper I am immediately reminded of him. At one time the two fingered chocolate covered crumbly piece of amazement used to comfort me and make me feel close to him despite being over 300 miles away.

And everything was fabulous. Until we split. Since splitting there has been so many things that remind me of him and The Cadbury’s Twirl is one of them. So although I am fairly confident that Cadbury’s did not change their recipe or manufacturing process, the taste and feeling of the standard two fingered treat just was not the same. It was sickly and would stick in my throat, like a bitter pill and impossible to swallow. Sometimes I will see one in the shop and I think maybe I should get one after all they used to make me happy, but the melancholy of being reminded of what was can be overbearing.

So which emotion should be deemed correct? It seems neither would be correct, but both are acceptable. It is ok to remember both fondly in anger. It’s a case of which one you want to portray whilst keeping face when you pick up your phone after half a bottle of tequila……….